July 2021 Meeting/Presentation

During the presentation we will learn about deceptive technologies. We will discuss more than just honey pots but also honey tables, honey documents, honey credentials and others. At the end of the presentation you will have an understanding of some deceptive technologies and be able to implement some using python.


January 2021 – Meeting

Working with JSON Tonight we'll be learning about JSON. JSON is widely used because it is lightweight and convenient for parsing through information. It's also a good way to store data, regardless of what language you're working with. Gracie will give us the basics and walk us through a project that persists data in a … Continue reading January 2021 – Meeting

December 2020 – Meeting

Tonight we will be learning what is source control management a.k.a version control and its benefits. We will discuss the differences between centralized and decentralized scm. By the end of the presentation, you will know some basic GIT commands so you can start using version control with your projects.